Case study

Below is a showcase which demonstrates the scope of a typical exhibitions project where we have designed, co-ordinated and project-managed all the 3d elements.

The initial concept explored how best to utilise the exhibition space over three brands. Our scheme proposed giving 100% of the real estate to each brand for a limited time period, as opposed to dividing up the physical real estate into 3 separate areas.

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After the initial design route was agreed, the scheme was progressed with computer visualisations to explore the spatial arrangements. Once costs were finalised, detailed drawings were produced for client approval. The stand was then fabricated in the workshop, prior to shipping and construction on site.

The pre-fabricated stand and all the equipment were transported to the site, and the build commenced within the exhibition hall. Typically a build duration is between 1-5 days, depending on the size of the stands. In this instance we had 3 days to construct the stand on site.

The finished result was an exceptional sales platform that created a memorable experience for delegates and staff alike.