The Design phase develops the design from the strategic brief. Information from other consultants and initial conversations with statutory authorities are fed into the process. It is usually divided into 3 or 4 stages:

1. Concept design

The scheme is worked up in more detail with full coloured visuals showing proposed finishes. Initial discussions are had with other consultants and statutory bodies. Cost checking and project plan updates are made as necessary.

2. Approvals

Approvals are sought for either regulatory authorities for interiors projects, or from the exhibition organisers for exhibition projects.

3. Design Development

Extensive 3d modelling of the project is undertaken to design out conflicting issues, refine the design and to provide accurate information on how the project will look. Usually screen sharing is used together with the client to provide real time feedback of changes as the project progresses. Visuals are updated as required.

Detailed drawing information is produced from the 3d models and initial furniture and materials specifications are produced. Cost reporting is generated from this information. Usually for exhibition projects this level of detail is all that is required.

4. Technical Design

For more complex interiors projects a further stage of technical design may be required. This will integrate in detail any other services required within the design and will provide the contractor enough information to build from. Materials and furniture specifications are updated. If a tender is required it is usually at this point that information is gathered to form the tender package.

On some interiors projects when working with a Design and Build contractor this stage of work is carried out by the nominated contractor with us acting in a consultancy role.

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